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1. Are Boats and Aircraft subject to property taxes?

Boats and airplanes are taxable and appraised annually.

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2. What is New Construction?

Copies of all building permits are sent to the Assessor's Office by the cities and County. If the construction is new (such as a room addition), a reappraisal is required. If the construction is for replacement, repair, or maintenance, a reappraisal is not required.

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3. How is Business Personal Property appraised?

 Unlike real property, business personal property is reappraised annually.  The owners of all businesses must file a property statement each year detailing costs of all supplies, equipment, fixtures and real estate (if any) at each location. 

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4. Are Mobile homes subject to property taxes?

All new mobile homes purchased after June 30, 1980, and those on permanent foundations, are subject to property taxes. 

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5. What is a Preliminary Change-in-Ownership Report?

State law requires the property owner to file this form with the County Recorder when recording certain documents

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6. When is real property reappraised?

Under State law (Proposition 13), real property is reappraised only when a change-in-ownership occurs, or upon completion of new construction. 

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