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1. Free Public Library or Free Museum Claim (BOE-268-B)

Property used solely for either a free public library or free museum

Tags: forms, claim, exemption, public, library, museum
2. Aircraft of Historical Significance Exemption (260-B)
BOE 260-B

Claim for Exemption from taxes of Aircraft of Historical Significance

Tags: 2016, claim, exemption, form, property taxes, aircraft, historical, significance
3. Base-Year Value Transfer (55 and older) - Claim for (BOE-60-AH)

Claim of Person(s) at least 55 years of age for transfer of base-year value to replacement dwelling

Tags: forms, base-year value transfer, 55 and older, claim, exemption
4. Disabled person's claim for transfer of base-year value to replacement dwelling (BOE-62)

Include form BOE-62-A, Certificate of Disability, when filing this form. 

Tags: forms, base-year value transfer, disabled, replacement dwelling, claim
5. Notice of rescission of claim to transfer base year value to replacement dwelling (BOE-60-NR)

California law requires any person who is at least 55 years of age, who resides in a property eligible for the homeowner's exemption to transfer the base year value of the original property to a replacement dwelling of equal or lesser value

Tags: forms, base-year value transfer, replacement dwelling, claim, exemption
6. Builder's Claim for New Construction Exclusion from Supplemental Assessment

formerly known as "Claim for exclusion from supplemental assessment of new construction"

Tags: builder, claim, forms, new construction, exclusion, supplemental, assessment
7. Aggregate Production Report (BOE-560-A)

Aggregate  Production

Includes Sand, Limestone, Gravel, Stone, Clay & similiar Products

Tags: form, mining, claim, production, report, business, personal property
8. Cemetery exemption claim (BOE-265)

Claim for exemption of property that is used as a cemetery

Tags: forms, exemption, cemetery, claim
9. College exemption (BOE-264-AH)

Claimant's college information, to attempt to qualify for an exemption  

Tags: forms, exemption, college, claim
10. Exhibition Exemption Claim from Property Taxes (BOE-270-AH)

For property that is brought into this state exclusively for purposes of use or exposition, fair, carnival or public exhibit of literary, scientific, educational, religious or artistic works and is used only for these purposes while in this state

Tags: forms, exemption, claim, art, exhibition

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 12