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1. Deadline for Business Property statements

Due date for filing of Business Property Statements is April 1. However since that date is a Saturday, the statements can be submitted on 04/3/2017 

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2. Co-operative Housing Corporation (BOE-266-E)

File this Statement by February  1

 Statement of Ownership

This statement represents a written request from the Assessor.

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3. Business Personal Property Tax

Any business that owns Personal Property and/or Leasehold Improvements having a total combined cost or current market value of $100,000 or more is required to file a Business Personal property Statement (BPS) even if the Assessor did not send you a formal request to do so. Also, any other business that is requested by the County Assessor to file, must file, regardless of the value of their assets.

The BPS  (Business Personal property Statement) collects information regarding the supplies, business equipment and leasehold improvements for each business location within the county.

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Displaying: 1 - 3 of 3