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1. Real Property Alterations

Please report any alteration to the real property made between January 1,and December 31. Also, if this property has been transferred to a new owner by an unrecorded private agreement or deed, then attach a copy to this form. If the owner is deceased, the please attach a copy of the death certificate and the name and address of the executor or heirs of the estate.

Tags: forms, agriculture, sale, deed, death certificate
2. Dry Gas Production, Equipment, New Well, Redrill and Rework Report (BOE 566-F)

Report all personal property owned by the respondent and any property belonging to others on the lease as of January 1.

The form linked to below is to be used as an attachment only, to the "BOE-566-F", as printed by the Assessor, per Revenue and Taxation code Section 441.5. 

If you did not receive an original BOE-566-F in the mail, please contact the Assessor Personal Property Division at (559) 636-5159

Tags: agriculture, rework, redrill, new well, equipment, dry gas production
3. Agricultural Preserve Questionnaire

In order to evaluate properties in the Williamson Act Agricultural Preserve, the County Assessor is required to estimate the production average of each parcel.

Tags: forms, agriculture, ag preserve, Williamson Act, preserve

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