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1. Deadline for late filing on historical aircraft

Dead line is August 1

Deadline for late filing of exemption for historical aircraft
Tags: deadline, property, aircraft, historical, exemption
2. Legal Deadline for Filing of Exemption Claims

Deadline for filing exemption claims is February 15. 

Forms postmarked by 02/15/2014 will be accepted. Since the Assessor's office is closed on 02/17/2014 to celebrate President's Day, forms brought in person by 4:55 PM 02/18/2014 will also be accepted.



Tags: exemption, deadline, filing
3. Disabled Persons Exclusion from Property Taxes on New Construction (BOE-63)

This claim is for the exclusion from reassessment of any construction to make an existing dwelling more accessible to a severely and permanently disabled person who is a permanent resident of the dwelling

Tags: forms, disability, construction, exemption
4. Change of Ownership Statement (BOE-502-AH)

The law requires any transferee acquiring interest in real property or manufactured homesubject to local property taxation, to file a change in ownership statement with the Counjty Recorder or Assessor.

Tags: forms, homeowner, ownership, change, exemption, real property
5. Leased Property - Claim for Exemption of Low Income Housing (BOE-236)

Exemption of Property Leased solely for Low-Income Housing

Tags: forms, lease, low income housing, exemption
6. Veteran's Tax Exemption (BOE-261)

California may provide for the exemption from taxation of the property to the amount of $4,000 if you meet the following criteria:

1.) If you are a resident who is serving in (or has served in) and has been discharged under honorable conditions from service in the armed forces in time of war

2.) Who is the unmarried widow of a deceased veteran

3.) Who is the pensioned parent of a property valued at $5,000 or more

There are more criteria listed on the form itself

Tags: forms, veteran, exemption
7. Low Income Housing Property of Limited Partnership (BOE-267-L1)

Supplemental Affidavit

Must be filed when seeking exemption on low income housing property owned and operated by a limited partnership

Tags: forms, welfare, limited partnership, exemption, supplemental
8. Lower Income Housing Exemption (BOE-267-L)

Supplemental Affidavit

Must be filed when seeking exemption on housing  for elderly or handicapped families that is owned and operated by a non profit organization or eligible limited liability company.

Tags: forms, welfare, lower income, housing, exemption
9. Homeowner's property tax exemption (BOE-266)

This claim may be used to file for the Homeowner's exemption for the assessment roll and the supplemental roll.

If homeowner's exemption claim form is is filed before February 15, applicant will receive 100% of the exemption amount. If filed between February 16 and December 10, applicant may receive the lesser of $5,600 or 80% of the taxable value of their property.

To view more about these exemptions:

Tags: forms, exemption, homeowner's, real property
10. Free Public Library or Free Museum Claim (BOE-268-B)

Property used solely for either a free public library or free museum

Tags: forms, claim, exemption, public, library, museum

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