Legal Deadline for Filing of Late Exemption Claims

     Deadline for filing of Late exemption claims, such as:


  • Homeowner's Exemption     
  • Disabled Veterans

Homeowner's Exemption:

If homeowner's exemption claim form is is filed before February 15, applicant will receive 100% of the exemption amount. If filed between February 16 and December 10, applicant may receive the lesser of $5,600 or 80% of the taxable value of their property.

For more information on exemptions please see the State board of Equalization at:

For the Homeowner's Exemption claim form

Disabled Veterans Exemption:

To receive 100% of the basic  or low-income exemption  as of the date the claimant or the property qualifies, the initial claim must be filed between  the date of qualification and on or before the next following january 1, or 90 days after the date the date of qualification, whichever is later.

For the low-income exemption only, a claim must be filed with your county assessor  each year. Following the initial claim, subsequent annual filing periods are as follows:

  • January 1 - February 15= 100% of the exemption
  • February 16 - December 10= 90% of the exemption
  • After December 10= 85% of the exemptions

For the Disabled Veteran's Exemption claim form

Frequently Asked Question of the Day

I own two or more adjacent lots covered by a separate APN, How can I receive just one overall tax bill covering all of the lots?

 I own two or more adjacent subdivided lots each covered by a separate assessment parcel number ("APN") and received two or more tax bills.  How can I receive just one overall tax bill covering all of the lots?

If the City's or County's Building, Community Development or Planning Department confirms, in writing, that the lots cannot be developed, financed, leased or sold separately, then they may be combined into one tax bill.

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