Employee Appreciation Day


1) The jackalope (AKA Jack) is the Department’s official mascot.  Jack’s genus and species is occidentalis magna orygem lepus.

2) The first Tulare County Assessor was Dr. Everett or James B. Davis, who was elected on July 10, 1852.

3) True – The first Tulare County Assessor was shot & killed by a man named Ball due to a gambling dispute over five dollars.

4) The first Tulare County Clerk was Alonzo Edwards, who was killed in a quarrel with Bob Collins in 1852.

5) The first Tulare County Recorder was A. B. Gordon, who apparently was not killed in his first year of office.

6) The current Tulare County Assessor/Clerk-Recorder is Roland P. Hill and he is the second person to hold this title.

7) Prior to the combination of Office of the Assessor and Clerk-Recorder in 1995, the last person to hold the title of Clerk-Recorder for Tulare County was Nadine Svoboda.

8) The first Tulare County Assessor/Clerk-Recorder was Gregory B. Hardcastle.

9) In 1853 the total property valuation for Tulare County was less than $200,000. ($199,914


"I already know the Questions to your answers. Your answers are"



10)  Kristi Lee is running for the Office of Assessor/Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters in Kings County.

11) Jim Siodla resigned from the Department in 2008, received a full scholarship to UC Irvine to pursue his Ph. D., and is now an assistant professor in the economics department at Colby College in Maine.

12) Taken from the “Fun Fact Game” from the last employee appreciation day:
    Lee Moore was banned from flying across France.
    Gary Edde was chased by a monkey in the amazon.
    Peggy Smith smoked peanut skins because she thought it was the legal way to get high.

13) Christina Del Re is allegedly assisting the President of the United States with a vital document.

14) Ken Swearingen is the current full-time employee with the most years of service.  On January 1, 2015 he will have completed his 40th year!  As of today it is 39.55 years.

15) Zach Brown is the Department’s newest employee. 

16) Employees that have retired since 2010: 1) Allen Judkins, 2) Terry Parsons, 3) Jon Bradford, 4) Deltra Cagle, 5) Gary Westbrook, 6) Leann Romanazzi, 7) Wanda Cass, 8) Sheryl Furtado, 9) Ron Medlock, 10) Ruben Castillo, 11) John Roller, 12) Bryan Cline, 13) Gary Edde, 14) Craig Miller, 15) Greg Hardcastle, 16) Tom Coyle, 17) Ron Walker, 18) Don Smith & 19)Mary Nunes.  20) Jim Coley.*

Andy Barba, Larry Ford, David Engels, & Wil Bergin retired before 2010.

*Jim Coley never tired to begin with, so how can he retire? As a matter of fact he may still be here. Just as sure as Elvis is at the 7-11. Remember "the error is between the keyboard and the chair"