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1. Change in Eligibility or Termination Notice (BOE-231-AH)

 You should notify the Assessor on or before February 15 if, on or before the proceeding lien date, you became ineligible for an exemption or, if on or before that lien date, you no longer owned the property or otherwise failed to meet all the requirements for a property tax exemption

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2. Annual Filing of Welfare Claim (BOE-267-A)

Claims for welfare exemptions must be signed and filed with the Assessor. Each claim must contain supporting documents, including financial statements.

The welfare exemption is available only to property, real or personal, owned by a religious, charitable, hospital, or scientific organizations and used exclusively for religious, charitable, hospital, or scientific purposes.

To be eligible for the full exemption, the claimant must file a claim each year on or before February 15

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3. Disabled Veteran's Property Tax Exemption (BOE-261-G)

This exemption may be available to an elgible owner or veteran spouse of an owner of a dwelling that is occupied as the principal place of residence for the veteran

This exemption may also be available to an elgible owner or veteran spouse of an owner of a dwelling that is subject to supplemental assessments resulting from a change in ownership or completion of new construction.

To receive 100% of the basic  or low-income exemption  as of the date the claimant or the property qualifies, the initial claim must be filed between  the date of qualification and on or before the next following january 1, or 90 days after the date the date of qualification, whichever is later.

For the low-income exemption only, a claim must be filed with your county assessor  each year. Following the initial claim, subsequent annual filing periods are as follows:

  • January 1 - February 15= 100% of the exemption
  • February 16 - December 10= 90% of the exemption
  • After December 10= 85% of the exemption

For more information:

Tags: forms, disability, veteran, exemption
4. Disabled Persons Exclusion from Property Taxes on New Construction (BOE-63)

This claim is for the exclusion from reassessment of any construction to make an existing dwelling more accessible to a severely and permanently disabled person who is a permanent resident of the dwelling

Tags: forms, disability, construction, exemption
5. Rehabilitation of persons and/or Living Quarters Exemption (BOE-267-R)

Supplemental Affidavit

Must be filed when seeking exemption on property that involves rehabilitation of persons and/or living quarters.

Tags: forms, welfare, rehabilitation, living quarters, exemption, disability
6. Elderly or Handicapped Families Housing Exemption (BOE-267-H)

Supplemental Affidavit

Must be filed when seeking exemption on housing  for elderly or handicapped families that is owned and operated by a non profit organization or eligible limited liability company.

Filed with BOE-267 and BOE 267-A

Tags: forms, welfare, elderly, handicapped, housing, exemption, disability, supplemental
7. Certificate of Disability (BOE-62-A)

In order to qualify for this one-time tax benefit, a licensed physician must certify the disability of the claimant is both severe and permanent.

Tags: forms, disability, base-year value transfer, exemption
8. Transfer of base-year value from qualified contaminated property to replacement property (BOE-65-CP)

California law allows an owner of a qualified contaminated property to transfer base-year value of that property to a comparable replacement of equal or lesser value that is acquired or newly constructed after January 1,1995

Tags: forms, base-year value transfer, contaminated, exemption
9. Transfer of base-year value to replacement property for property damaged or destroyed in Governor-declared disaster (BOE-65-P)

Revenue and Taxation Code Section 69 allows Owners who own property to transfer the base-year value of the original property that has been susbstantially damaged or destroyed by a disaster to a comparable property.

Tags: forms, base-year value transfer, disaster, exemption
10. Lower Income Household: Family Household Income Reporting Worksheet (BOE-267-L-A)

Supplemental Worksheet

Property owned by non-profit organizations or eligible limited liability companies providing housing for lower income households can qualify for the Welfare Exemption from property taxes for those units whose family household income does not exceed the limits stated on the form.

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