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1. Cemetery exemption - claim eligibility or termination notice (BOE-265-NT)

The cemetery exemption will remain in effect until all or part of of the property is used for activities that are outside the scope of the cemetery exemption

Tags: forms, exemption, cemetery, exemption
2. Cemetery exemption claim (BOE-265)

Claim for exemption of property that is used as a cemetery

Tags: forms, exemption, cemetery, claim
3. Church Exemption (BOE-262-AH)

Property used solely for Religious Worship

Tags: forms, exemption, exemption, religious, church
4. Religious Exemption - Change in Eligibility (BOE-267-SNT)

Change in Eligibility or Termination Notice

Tags: forms, exemption, religious, eligibility, termination notice
5. Public School Exemption (BOE-268-A)

Property used exclusively by a public school, community college, state college, state university or University of California

Tags: forms, exemption, school, college, university
6. Exhibition Exemption Claim from Property Taxes (BOE-270-AH)

For property that is brought into this state exclusively for purposes of use or exposition, fair, carnival or public exhibit of literary, scientific, educational, religious or artistic works and is used only for these purposes while in this state

Tags: forms, exemption, claim, art, exhibition
7. College exemption (BOE-264-AH)

Claimant's college information, to attempt to qualify for an exemption  

Tags: forms, exemption, college, claim
8. Certificate of Disability (BOE-62-A)

In order to qualify for this one-time tax benefit, a licensed physician must certify the disability of the claimant is both severe and permanent.

Tags: forms, disability, base-year value transfer, exemption
9. Solar Energy System- New Construction Exclusion (BOE-64-SES)

California Law provides that under certain circumstances the initial purchaser of a building with an active solar energy system may qualify for a reduction in the assessed value of the property. 

Tags: forms, miscellaneous, Solar, Exclusion, New Construction, business, miscellaneouos
10. Claim for Exemption of Low-Income Tribal Housing (BOE-237)

Claim for Exemption when at least 30% of the property for rental housing, and the tenants are persons of low income as defined in section 50079.5 of the health and safety code.

The rents charged must not exceed the limits provided in section 50033 of health and safety code. An affidavit affirming that the tenant's incomes and rents do not exceed those limits must be attached.

The exemption will not be allowed without the income affidavit 

Tags: forms, welfare, tribal, low-income, exemption

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