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1. Change in Ownership: Oil and Gas Property

Change in Ownership

Oil and Gas Property

Tags: form, mining, business, personal property, oil, gas, change, ownership
2. Co-operative Housing Corporation (BOE-266-E)

File this Statement by February  1

 Statement of Ownership

This statement represents a written request from the Assessor.

Tags: forms, business, miscellaneous, co-op, ownership, statement, housing, corporation
3. Preliminary Change of Ownership Report (BOE-502-A)

Must be completed by the transferee (buyer) prior to a transfer of subject property

Tags: forms, change, ownership, homeowner
4. Change of Ownership Statement (BOE-502-AH)

The law requires any transferee acquiring interest in real property or manufactured homesubject to local property taxation, to file a change in ownership statement with the Counjty Recorder or Assessor.

Tags: forms, homeowner, ownership, change, exemption, real property
5. Change in ownership

A transfer of present interest in real property, including its beneficial use, the value of which is substantially equal to that of the full estate in the property.

Tags: glossary, ownership, change

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