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1. If I legally subdivide my property into two or more new lots, will my property be reassessed and my property taxes increase ?

  The mere act of subdividing your property into two or more new lots alone will not cause the property to be reassessed.

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Mission Statement

The Assessor's Office is mandated by the California Constitution to annually prepare, and deliver a fair and accurate assessment roll. To accomplish this mandate the Assessor's Office must identify, determine ownership of and establish the taxable value of all land, improvements and personal property (including boats and aircraft) located in Tulare County. All these functions must be done in compliance with State, County and local laws. The information compiled in these mandated functions is annually delivered to the Auditor - Controller / Treasurer-Tax Collector / Registrar of Voters in the form of an assessment roll; and is also statistically reported to the State, the County Administrative Office and the public.

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