Mission Statement

The mission of the Payroll Department is to ensure that all employees are paid according to approved payroll and salary schedules and that necessary data, records, and reports are maintained and submitted in compliance with acceptable government and regulatory standards.
The payroll staff is dedicated to providing quality customer service through a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Assignment and Duties

-Review county policies, resolutions and employee agreements for impact on the payroll system; obtain interpretation and implement changes as needed.
-Communicate all payroll system changes to departmental payroll clerks, management and others; provide training as needed.
-Prepare and/or generate a variety of reports, including labor forecast, sick leave, vacation, insurance, and retirement reports for various departments throughout the county.
-Monitor and review payroll reports and documents to assure completeness and accuracy for payroll transmission
-Process employee and county contribution disbursements
-Wage garnishment payments/reporting
-Process employee information and data to include direct deposit, W4, and W2 forms; wage statements and W2 info can be retained by signing up online using the following link:

Michelle Schapansky, Payroll Manager

559 636-5238 or