General Information

Supervisorial Districts and Their Communities:

District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 District 5
Exeter    Allensworth    Visalia    Badger    Camp Nelson
Farmersville    Alpaugh          Cutler    Ducor
Lindcove    Earlimart          Dinuba    Kennedy Meadows
Lindsay    Pixley     Goshen    Poplar-Cotton Center
Poplar    Tipton         Ivanhoe    Porterville
Strathmore Tulare        Orosi   Posey
Three Rivers Waukena   Traver Richgrove
Visalia (part)     Visalia (part) Springville
Woodville     Woodlake  Terra Bella

County Government Basics

Supervisors are elected by district to four-year terms. Supervisors' terms are staggered — two Supervisors are elected in one general election, and three Supervisors in the next. The Board meets every Tuesday at the County Administrative Building in Visalia, located at 2800 West Burrel Avenue. The Board will occasionally schedule meetings at night or in another location, depending on County business and public needs. All decisions must be made in sessions open to the public except for decisions regarding confidential personnel, labor and legal issues. On closed session matters, official actions must be reported.

For specifics about Board meetings about Board meetings, call the Clerk of the Board at (559) 636-5000, or visit the Board Agenda Page.

The Board governs the county. This includes:

  • Adopting the annual budget
  • Making important land use decisions
  • Confirming appointment of most non-elected officials
  • Leading regional agencies
  • Adopting Tulare County Ordinance Code
  • Setting most operations policies
  • Supervisors also assist citizens in solving problems and addressing local concerns.
  • Board members hire the County Executive Officer, to carry out the policy decisions they make and to be responsible for day to day operations of the county. They also hire County Counsel, the county's legal advisor.
  • Voters also elect other officials, including the Assessor, Auditor-Controller, County Clerk / Recorder - Registrar of Voters, District Attorney, Sheriff-Coroner-Marshal, Treasurer-Tax Collector, and Superintendent of Schools, each to four-year terms. They also elect Trial Court judges.
  • To view The Board of Supervisor's Public Official Appointments (CA FORM 806) click here.

Make Your Voice Heard

  • Board Meetings
  • Attend any Board meeting to learn about and to speak on issues of concern. You may ask to speak on any agenda item as it is discussed. For items not on the agenda, you must address the Board during the Public Comment agenda item, which is usually listed early on the agenda for regular Board meetings. Because of state Brown Act restrictions, the Board is not permitted to take any action on items addressed under Public Comment. However, they may choose to add an item raised in Public Comment to the agenda for a later Board meeting.
  • Contact Your Supervisor
  • If you have a question, problem or concern, you may write, fax, phone, e-mail or visit your Supervisor's office.
  • Board Agenda Page


Good Works Fund Requests

Government Code section 26227 provides in part that

The board of supervisors of any county may appropriate and expend money from the general fund of the county to establish county programs or to fund other programs deemed by the board of supervisors to be necessary to meet the social needs of the population of the county, including but not limited to, the areas of health, law enforcement, public safety, rehabilitation, welfare, education, and legal services, and the needs of physically, mentally and financially handicapped persons and aged persons.

Pursuant to this statutory authority, the Board of Supervisors has for many years annually appropriated a certain amount of funding from the general fund to support small-scale “Good Works” activities in each Supervisor’s district. Each supervisor has discretion to identify programs or projects in their district that meet the criteria of section 26227. Once a project is identified, a Supervisor requests that the CAO enter into a Good Works Funding Agreement for the program. The CAO’s office reviews the request to ensure compliance with the purposes of the Good Works Funding program, prepares the grant documents for signature, and then later brings these agreements to the Board for ratification.

To make a request for Good Works funding from the Board of Supervisors, contact your County Supervisor or the Board of Supervisors Office at (559) 636-5000.