Indian Gaming

The Tulare County Indian Gaming Local Community Benefit Committee (TCLCBC) is a seven-member body responsible for the allocation and administration of funding provided by Senate Bill 621, which became law on January 1, 2004. The County Administrative Office provides staff for this committee.

Senate Bill 621 makes grant funding available to counties, cities and special districts impacted by tribal gaming from the Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund.  Gaming tribes that operated 200 or more gaming devices on or before September 1, 1999 contribute a variable portion of their net winnings into the Fund.  In Tulare County, the Tule River Tribe contributes winnings.

Per State law, the seven-member committee consists of:

- Two County representatives appointed by the Board of Supervisors.
- Three representatives appointed by mutual agreement of the Board of Supervisors and Tule River Indian Tribe.
- Two representatives appointed by the Tulare River Indian Tribe.

In addition to the seven members, there are also three alternate positions. The committee meets at least twice per year.

Currently, there are three vacancies. The vacancies include: two Mutally Selected Member positions; and one Mutually Selected - Alternate. If you are interested in becoming a committee member, please download the TCLCBC application form.

For additional information, contact:

John Hess

TCLCBC Documents: