County News

January 8, 2013
Urban Art to be Displayed in County Facilities

Three pieces of urban art, inspired by the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sequoias, will be showcased in eight Tulare County buildings through March 29.

Tulare County Supervisor Phil Cox will unveil the urban art during the “Urban Art Kick-Off Reception” at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday at Tulare County’s Visalia Branch Library.

December 13, 2012
Fire Department Offers DrivingTips for Fog/Night Conditions

When winter arrives in the Central Valley, so does the Tule fog. This type of fog in the San Joaquin Valley is considered a ground fog. It forms at night and in the early morning when the ground cools, lowering the air temperature near the ground to or below its initial dew point. In the valley, during the late fall and winter months, usually after the first significant rainfall, Tule fog will form and create one of the leading causes of weather-related traffic fatalities in the San Joaquin Valley.

Thick fog can reduce visibility and create extremely dangerous driving conditions. There may be patches of fog that can appear without warning, and are often times so dense that motorists are blinded by the reflection of their own headlights. During the fog season, motorists should expect and prepare for foggy conditions and adjust their driving accordingly.

Motorists are being urged to look for roadside message boards and listen to local radio stations for the up-to-date fog information. Fog conditions may change quickly, and all motorists should slow down and drive with extreme caution.

November 26, 2012
Probation Department Receives Grant to Combat DUIs

The Tulare County Probation Department has been awarded a new traffic safety grant for a year-long program aimed at preventing deaths and injuries resulting from driving under the influence (DUI).  

The $75,000 Intensive Probation Supervision for High-Risk Felony and Repeat DUI Offenders grant awarded by the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) to Tulare County will aid in the county’s ongoing effort to improve traffic safety and the quality of life. Special probation supervision measures will target high-risk, felony and repeat DUI offenders in Tulare County.  The Probation Department will also work with other local law enforcement agencies on anti-DUI efforts as part of an on-going commitment to keep roadways safe through both enforcement and education.

Tulare County Chief Probation Officer Christie Myer said the intent of the Tulare County DUI Probation Supervision Program is to respond quickly and aggressively to felony DUI offenders through the assignment of a full-time Probation Officer.

“Felony Driving Under the Influence is a serious offense and convicted offenders require close probation supervision to ensure compliance with the terms of their release and immediate consequences for violations - including re-arrest,” Chief Myer said. “Probation Officers have been working DUI checkpoints with local law enforcement agencies for several years.  Involvement by the Probation Department has resulted in the arrest of probation violators, increased program involvement, greater collaboration among law enforcement and safer communities.”P

November 19, 2012
County Librarian to Retire in December

Longtime Tulare County Librarian Brian Lewis announced today that he will retire after 39 years of public service. Lewis’ last day will be Saturday, December 29, 2012.

“On behalf of the Board of Supervisors, I would like to thank Brian for his decades of dedicated public service,” said Allen Ishida, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. "We appreciate that Brian worked tirelessly to bring and maintain critical services to Tulare County and believe the county benefitted under his leadership.”

November 8, 2012
D.A.'s Office Raises Funds, Donates Food to FoodLink

Inspired by Make a Difference Day, the annual call for volunteerism, which takes place on the fourth Saturday in October, the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office raised $1,261 and 530 pounds of food for FoodLink for Tulare County.  The District Attorney's Office used a lively competition to raise the most funds and food among the individual units and office.  The Family Protection team took top honors by bringing in the most food per person.  The Major Crimes team came in a close second.