County seeks help locating vicious dog removed from Animal Control

The Animal Control Unit of the Tulare County Health & Human Services (HHSA) is asking for help from residents in locating a vicious dog that was removed from Tulare County Animal Control quarantine. The dog is approximately four years old and is a tan and white unaltered male Pit Bull named Clyde.

Tulare County Animal Control Division received a report from Sierra View Hospital about a dog bite in the Porterville area on October 28, 2014. An approximately 18 month old child received facial lacerations from the attack. Due to the severity of the child’s injuries, the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department was called in to investigate the matter and take a bite report.

The morning after the attack, October 29, 2014, an Animal Control officer was dispatched to the residence of the owners of the dog involved in the incident. 

The dog was placed in quarantine at a private kennel, pending the requested vicious animal hearing by both of the owners, per Tulare County Ordinance. At the hearing, held on December 4, 2014, the independent hearing officer determined that the dog is a dangerous animal and should be humanely euthanized. A request for an appeal hearing was subsequently filed and held on December 23, 2014. At that hearing, a second independent hearing officer upheld the original finding. 

On Friday, January 2, 2015, with the assistance of Tulare County Sheriff’s Officers, Animal Control went to the private kennel where the animal was under quarantine and took possession of the dog. 

Sometime during the evening of January 4, or morning of January 5, someone cut the fences at the adjacent building and then broke into the Animal Control facility. They cut into the dog’s kennel, took the animal, and at this time the dog’s location remains unknown. No other animals were harmed or stolen and no other property was removed from the Animal Control facility.

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating the criminal aspect regarding the theft of the dog and the vandalism of the Tulare County Animal Control facility. Again, due to the severity of the attack on the child, the dog has been deemed a dangerous dog and a public health concern. Any resident who thinks they know the whereabouts of the animal is asked to contact the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department. Residents can call (559) 733-6218, or give information and remain anonymous by accessing the TipNow page at; both can be accessed 24 hours a day.