The Employer's Role in Child Support*


As a key partner in California's child support program, employer responsibilities regarding child support fall into five areas:

  • Report newly hired employees
  • Pursuant to an order, withhold a portion of an employee's or independent contractor's wages to satisfy a child support obligation
  • Pursuant to an order, enroll an employee's dependent children in health care insurance, if available
  • Remit all child support wage withholding payments to the California State Disbursement Unit (SDU)
  • Report terminated employees

Employers that comply with child support laws directly benefit their communities by:

  • Improving the financial stability of families
  • Enrolling dependent children in health insurance, thereby increasing access to preventive health care
  • Saving taxpayer dollars-child support collections reimburse public assistance expenditures

*California Child Support -A Guide for Business Handbook


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