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Highway 190 is a vital thoroughfare to locals; however, it is also a steep and treacherous mid-slope road. Fire is currently burning above the road, causing burning debris to frequently roll onto and across the roadway, with the potential of igniting unburned vegetation below, making many portions unsafe for travel. Dead trees that recently lined the roadside are now dead and burned. There are a significant number of these trees that need to be cut down to prevent injury or death.

Many Sequoia National Forest roads and trails remain closed for the reasons mentioned above. 

Upon returning to your home, you may find conditions slightly different than when you left. Firefighters may have “prepped” your home, removing ignition sources from the immediate proximity of your home. You may notice fire hose and other equipment in your neighborhoods. Please leave them in place. They will be removed when there is no chance of them being used.

Active fire and smoke may be visible from your houses. Firefighters are aware of the fire's current location and behavior. They will continue to monitor the fire near residential areas.

Power is restored to most communities (some through temporary generators) although, many power lines have been destroyed in this fire. You may experience temporary road closures/delays through October 1st while Southern California Edison replaces and restrings damaged power lines. 

There are still active portions of this fire. Crews are using all roads in and around the fire as well as roads between base camp and various drop points. Be patient and drive with caution. Fire engines and dozers are large and slow and often stop in locations unusual to normal traffic flow.

Pier Fire (Wildland Fire)

Size: approximately 36,556 acres Fire Start: August 29, 2017

Percent Contained: 95 percent Location: Highway 190, east of Springville

For any further and future updates, please see InciWeb.

Fire Summary: 

Work continues to fully contain the fire, focusing on that area west of Pierpoint Springs where the fire still smolders on the south side of the Tule River. Crews continue to extinguish hot spots along the southern perimeter. Active fire is expected to continue burning through unburned pockets of vegetation until winter rains fully extinguish them. These areas are well within the interior of the fire, and will likely be visible from nearby communities. The escape potential is low, all perimeter lines are being patrolled by fire personnel.


Effective 10:00 am on Monday, September 18, 2017, officials will lift all voluntary evacuation orders for communities impacted by the Pier Fire. These include: Alpine Village, Camp Nelson, Cedar Slope, Doyle Springs, Mountain Aire, Rogers Camp, Pierpoint Springs, Sequoia Crest and Wishon. In addition, Highway 190 will be re-opened to all traffic, and all road closures will be lifted.

Fire officials have lifted the Voluntary Evacuation order for the community of Ponderosa, Bear Creek Road from Balch Park Road to Mountain Home Camp (including SCICON) in Springville, along with Upper Rio Vista and Cow Mountain Road in Springville.

Returning residents should show extreme caution and be aware of potential safety hazards, such as falling rocks and fire-weakened trees, downed broken/burned tree limbs, and heavy equipment along roadways. Residents should also be cautious with smoke inhalation; for a full list of health and safety precautions, please see Health & Human Services Agency's Health Notice for Residents Returning to Wildfire Impacted Areas.

Southern California Edison has begun to restore power to various areas affected by the Pier Fire. Impacted residents may contact Southern California Edison at 800-611-1911 for further information.

Residents who experienced long-term power loss are urged to show caution when using their appliances for the first time. Do not consume refrigerated or frozen food stored in appliances that may have lost electricity. Dispose of these item properly. Evaluation of community water systems is currently underway and being monitored by local water officials.

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Area Closures:

Today, the Sequoia National Forest issued Closure Order No. 0513-17-34. Forest trails, roads, and lands around the Pier Fire are closed until the fire is declared out.