About TCFD

General Information

Mission Statement
Through the combined effort of all Tulare County Fire Department personnel, it is our mission to provide all persons who reside, work or travel within the County of Tulare, with the protection of life, property and the environment within those areas, where the Tulare County Fire Department has direct protection responsibility by virtue of law, contract or mutual understanding.

Vision Statement
The scope of these Fire Department services includes responding to fires, medical emergencies, motor vehicle collisions, technical rescues, and other life threatening or dangerous conditions as the lead agency, or in support of that agency having jurisdiction.  In our effort to minimize emergency and life safety responses, we strive to maintain comprehensive Fire, Risk and Injury Prevention programs that include public education, fire protection planning, fire prevention education, code enforcement, and fire suppression cost recovery.  Our desire to serve the people of Tulare County is further exemplified by participation in “Mutual Aid” agreements, which allow the Tulare County Fire Department to receive and deliver mutual aid services from, and to, cooperating agencies. Read more