As an extra help employee, am I eligible to receive the discounts offered in the Employee Discount Program? What about part time employees?

Yes, both extra help and part time employees are eligible to participate in the program.

"XYZ" Vendor information on the internet indicates I have to ask HRD for a special code in order to redeem their discount. Why isn't it just listed?

In some cases the County has entered into agreements with vendors that will only disperse the code to our employees, and if we place the information on the internet it would be accessible to non-employees as well. If you need a code or have a question, please don't hesitate to call the HRD office at 636-4900.

I am having a problem with "XYZ" Vendor who is participating in the program. Can HRD help to resolve my issue with them?

Our policy is that Tulare County will not be responsible for any disputes arising between a participating vendor and a Tulare County employee. While our policy will not allow us to be involved in the resolution process, we do encourage you to continue to work with the vendor you are having a problem with to resolve your issues and let us know about your experience. Per our program policy, we do have the right to remove a vendor from the program based on complaints from employees or for any other reason deemed to be in the best interest of Tulare County and its employees.

"XYZ" Vendor told me they do not offer discounts to Tulare County employees; however I found an offer for this vendor posted on our website. Why is Tulare County advertising an offer to employees that does not exist?

Unfortunately, sometimes a vendor has discontinued their discount to Tulare County employees without informing us beforehand or a vendor has not communicated to all of their employees about the discount they are offering to Tulare County employees. Please let us know if you have this experience and we will contact the vendor to verify whether or not they are continuing their participation in the discount program.

Is there a cost associated with the program?

No, the program is free to all eligible employees and vendors.

How do I obtain discounts?

Each offer will contain redemption instructions within the description of their discount. In most cases ou will be required to present an ID badge, paystub, or business card.

Are there expiration dates associated with the discounts offered?

Yes, expiration dates are contained with the offer description. Typically we renew the agreement with the Vendor on an annual basis but there may be a special short-term promotion included as well.

Am I getting the absolute best deal?

All of the vendors that are a part of this program were requested to provide a discount that is better than, or not available to the general public. As a consumer you are ultimately responsible for determining whether or not you're finding the best deal to suit your individual needs. The Tulare County Employee Discount Program is attempting to provide you with good deals, but in no way infers or guarantees that offers included in our program are the absolute "best deal" around. Always check to see if vendor promotions or other rates might be lower.

Why aren't there more offers listed?

We are always looking to add qualifying vendors and to grow the program. We will continue to add new offers as we receive confirmations from businesses. New offers are added continually, so be sure to check back to this site often.

I know of some vendors who would like to participate in this program. How can they be involved?

Vendors will have to sign an agreement and abide by the policy. The contracts are typically for a one year period. The purpose of the program is not only to provide our employees with discounts, but to promote local business within the county.

We would like to hear how this program or specific discounts are benefiting you, or how they can be improved or modified to meet your needs. We would like to "grow" this program and need your help. If you know of a business that might offer discounts you can submit their vendor information, or direct them to contact the Human Resources and Development Department, or direct them to the Business Enrollment Form and Employee Discounts Policy on this site.