Leadership Academy Workshops

County Budget - Making Numbers Sense:  This workshop will teach the participant about the County's funding streams, allocations, department budgets, and grants, Workshop participants will be presented with an actual budget from their respective department. Participants will be tasked with planning a year's worth of costs, to include salary, operating costs, expenditures for equipment, training and more.

Skill set: accounting practices, grant acquisition and management.

Facilitator:  To be determined.


Communication - The Public Face:  This workshop will provide a brief review of communication skills/styles and a planned discussion of communication from a departmental perspective. The course will evaluate how communication of a department's mission and vision occurs, addresses coping with communication efforts when departmental changes take place, and will evaluate the use of organizational meetings (i.e. face-to-face vs. e-mail). Various forms of presentations will be introduced (i.w. speaking to media, BOS presentation of agenda item, presentations to community, etc), how to prepare, what to include, how to answer media questions, media bulletins, etc. 

Skill set:  writing, public speaking, meeting management, presentations. 

Facilitator:  County Training Officer


Planning and Organizing:  This workshop will examine taking a department forward, goal setting, and establishing the department direction which will include succession planning, managing people, cross training, reorganizations, layoffs, etc. Participants will be given a 'department' to manage and will incorporate the objectives of this workshop as they develop and apply a planning and organizing strategy. 

Skill set: project management, organization, setting department direction.

Facilitator:  County Training Officer


Human Capital Management/Hiring and Staffing Decisions:  Review of hiring criteria, explanation of County's process of hiring, background checks, finger prints, etc. The interactive portion of this workshop will allow participants to look at current job specifications and participants will need to re-work/re-write the job specifications and job descriptions. Participants will also learn to write questions for a pre-hire interview. 

Skill set: knowledge and understanding of personnel functions, writing. 

Facilitator:  Human Resources Analyst


Managing Employee Discipline - Panel format:  This workshop addresses the involvement of senior staff in discipline. Topics will include the importance of early intervention when discipline problems arise, documentation, and progressive steps in discipline. The panel will discuss specific cases, levels of discipline, and outcomes. Discussion will include the process for handling Skelly hearings and participants will be given case studies for evaluation and will be asked how they would handle the situation and why. Panel members will provide feedback and explanations. 

Skill set:  knowledge and understanding of Tulare County's personnel and administrative rules, collaboration with other departments, ability to analyze and minimize risk on behalf of the County. 

Panel Moderator:  County Training Officer


You and Leadership:  This workshop addresses the question: "What Kind of Leader Will You Be?" This workshop will begin with participants taking the 'Leadership Inventory' which will help participants identify their preferred leadership style and address how varying situations will require varying types of leadership interaction. The objective of this course is to allow participants the opportunity to learn how to use their respective leadership style and how to adapt to other leadership styles to match varying situations within their respective workgroups. This workshop will also examine the importance of training/mentoring the next generation of supervisors/managers. Guest speakers will add to the workshop content by discussing their leadership style and cite examples of work scenarios. 

Skill set:  self analysis of leadership potential, synthesis and assimilation of leadership skills. 

Facilitator:  County Training Officer


Leadership Project:  This workshop will evaluate the group's final project. The group will decide on a project based on trainings from past workshops (budgeting, setting goals/direction, hiring staffing, etc.). Participants will have a month to plan out their project, and determine when to present the project to the CAO/Board of Supervisors.

Skill set:  collaboration, planning, presentation, writing, cooperation.

Facilitator:  County Training Officer


Additional Information

  • Leadership Academy is offered on an annual basis (one group per year 12-15 participants).
  • Workshops are 1/2 day in length.
  • Participation will be selected through a written application and panel interview.