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  • California codes and Constitution - Unannotated version of the current text of California's state codes. Users may display the text in a table of contents or search by keyword.
  • California Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal opinions - Published and unpublished cases.
  • California briefs - The LA Law Library maintains an online repository of California Supreme Court and appellate courts briefs from 1999-present or you can use California Public Law Library Briefs Service for briefs and petitions from 1990 for the California Supreme Court and from 1996 for the California Courts of Appeal.
  • California legislation - The official site of the legislative branch of California enables users to find bill information from the State Assembly and State Senate from 1993 to the current legislative session.  Go to the Clerk of the California State Assembly to read the Assembly's archived journals, histories, and Statutes and Amendments to the Code since 1850.
  • California Code of Regulations - The text of the regulations of California's state agencies. Users may view a listing of state agencies, view contents, or search the entire 28 titles (with the exception of Title 24 Building codes).
  • California Building Standards Code - the Title 24 Building Codes available in an Adobe read-only format.
  • California Attorney General opinions - Full-text searchable opinions dating back to 1986. Searchable by word, phrase, opinion number or yearly index.
  • California attorneys - Information on attorneys and services to the public from the State Bar of California.
  • California ballot measures - Provided by the U.C. Hastings Law Library, this database is a comprehensive, searchable source of California ballot propositions and initiatives from 1911-present. It includes the full text of individual ballot propositions, related legal and legislative history, and the full ballot pamphlets. For ballot initiatives, it contains the full text of the individual initiatives, accompanying material relating to their filing & qualification, and related official documents.
  • California driver education - Free practice tests in English and Spanish for California Department of Motor Vehicle's written examinations.
  • California Guideline Child Support calculator - This calculator provides only an estimate and is not a guarantee of the amount of child support that will be ordered. The Court Commissioner or Family Law Judge has the final authority to determine the amount of a child support order.
  • - State of California's official homepage.
  • California county law libraries - The Council of California County Law Librarians welcomes you to your county public law library.
  • California jury instructions - The Judicial Council of California has adopted award-winning plain language civil and criminal jury instructions that accurately convey the law using language that is understandable to jurors.
  • LawHelp California - A free client-focused website featuring over 450 referrals to free legal aid and court services, as well as sliding scale legal programs and lawyer referral services. The site also hosts links to over 1,800 self-help legal materials.
  • Nolo books - Tulare County residents can access the electronic versions of these popular do-it-yourself legal books from home!  Enter our two letter state abbreviation CA in the first box and our password TULARE .
  • Sacramento County Public Law Library - From our law library colleague, their very informative website is filled with helpful guides and forms.
  • Victims of Crime Resource Center - Free information on victims' legal rights, an online victim resources directory, and victim-related publications. Users can connect with professional staff and law clerks via live-chat.