Probation Youth Facility


Jose Gonzalez, Division Manager


The Tulare County Probation Youth Facility is a dorm style commitment facility run by the Tulare County Probation Department with the support of the Tulare County Office of Education and Health and Human Services Agency. The facility opened its doors in 1998 and consists of five dorms, capable of holding up to 120 youth.

The Youth Facility exists to provide appropriate facilities for the housing of wards of the Juvenile Court and to enhance the opportunity for reform while encouraging self discipline in the youth entrusted to us.

The vision of the Youth Facility is to achieve significant and continuous reduction in the incident and impact of crime in Tulare County. This vision is achievable through the safe, secure and proactive commitment of assessed youth to appropriate programs where the youth can work on their issues in an environment that holds them responsible for their behavior and provides opportunities for change.


Kimberly Santos, Supervising Probation Officer
  •      Custody Services
  •      Aftercare