Items Accepted and Not Accepted

Items Accepted   Items Not Accepted
Air Conditioners
Ashes, residential (must be cold)
Boats (DMV junk slip / no fluids)
Box Springs
Camper Shells
Cars (whole/bodies) - (DMV junk slip / no fluids)
Christmas Trees
Compressed Gas Cylinders
(remove valve chuck)
Confidential Files
Empty Aerosol Cans with no hazardous materials
Freezers (doors must be off) extra charge
Fuel Tanks (must be sectioned to prevent explosion)
General Refuse
Jacuzzi / Hot tubs / spas
Metal Barrels/Drums (must be empty)
Mobile Home (DMV junk slip / no fluids)
Motorcycles (DMV junk slip / no fluids)
Municipal Solid Waste
Non Friable Asbestos
Oil Filters (not from commercial sources / must be drained)
Pesticide Containers (must be triple rinsed-Woodville ONLY)
Port a potties
Refrigerators (doors must be off) extra charge
Smelt pots
Tires (whole/strips) – strips at Woodville ONLY
Trailers (DMV junk slip / no fluids)
Vineyard Wire
Wastewater Treatment Facilities’ Grit & Screening

Wood / Green Waste


X Ammunition
Ashes, commercial sources
X Batteries
X Batteries, dry cell / lead acid
X Cell Phones
X Computer Monitors
X Contaminated Soils
X Dead Animals
X Explosives
X Fertilizer Containers
X Fluorescent Lights
X Friable Asbestos
X Grease
X Infectious Waste
X Liquid Waste
X Manure

X Microwaves
X Packing House Waste
X Printers
X Radioactive Waste
X Semisolid Waste
X Sewage sludge
X Televisions
X Treated Wood
X Universal Waste