Tulare County Resource Management Agency

Parcel Search

  • To continue, click the link below. 
  • What to expect:
    • It will take a few seconds to load.  While it is loading, you will see a symbol like the following:
    • The first time you visit the site, you will be prompted to acknowledge a disclaimer and instructions.
    • To search by Parcel, select the "P" and enter your nine digit parcel number with dashes.  If you are using a 12 digit Tax Assessment APN, omit the last three zeros.  (e.g. 126-190-014)
    • To search by address, select the "A" and enter the address (number, direction, street name and type, e.g. 365 N Sweetbriar Ave) in the box that appears then type Enter or select the magnifying class. 
    • You may also zoom in and click on any parcel to display available information. 
    • You may view the legend, select different map layers, base maps and help by clicking on the icons in the upper right of the screen.
  • Select the following link or select the graphic to continue: New Tulare County Public Parcel Search
Select to load parcel search app

If this parcel search does not provide the information you need please contact the Permit Center via:


Zoning Ordinances and Requirements can be found HERE.

The Adoped 2012 Tulare County General Plan Land Use Map can be found HERE.