Planning Branch


-  The Project Review Division is responsible for implementing the State Planning and Zoning Laws and local ordinances relating to all applicant-initiated land use permits and entitlements, including special use permits, zone changes, lot line adjustments, parcel maps, subdivisions, and zone variances.

-  The Economic Development Office is responsible for promoting Business Opportunities, Tourism and Film Commission activities. These services include outreach activities to help increase economic value within Tulare County and strategies for retaining, expanding and attracting new businesses.

-  The Planning Division is responsible for the long-range planning function of the County, including updating the County's General Plan, preparing and updating community plans, airport land use planning, Surface Mining and Reclamation Act compliance, Williamson Act and Farmland Security Zones administration, and administration of the Animal Confinement Facilities Plan (Dairy Plan). Special Projects are administered through this division as well.

-  The Environmental Planning Division is responsible for the preparation of environmental documents such as exemptions, negative declarations and environmental impact reports for public and private projects for which a land use entitlement application is being processed.  

-  The Building Division is responsible for building permit inspections and issuance, general code enforcement, including enforcement of substandard housing abatement, the State Employee Housing Act, and the abandoned vehicle abatement program. This division also assists property owners in bringing violations into compliance and implements the administrative hearing process. The Permit Center is a part of this division and is responsible for the issuance of all types of building construction permits.

- The Grants Division is responsible for grant research, applications and administration with a focus toward capital improvement projects, general community improvements and housing programs.

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