Building and Housing

Building Inspection

Perform Inspections on buildings of new construction, alterations, additions and remodels for compliance of codes and standards adopted by Tulare County.

Code Compliance 

A Building and Zoning Inspector is responsible for enforcing the Tulare County Ordinance Code to all county land. Code Compliance will take in complaints and perform inspections/investigations involving violations against the Tulare County Ordinance Codes. Code Compliance Inspectors will attend and speak at community meetings to educate the community of our focus and mission. 

Abandoned Vehicle Abatement

The Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program (AVA) was implemented by the State Legislature under Sections 22660-22664 of the Vehicle Code of California to remove abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, or inoperable vehicles or parts thereof, from private and public property as nuisances. These nuisances must not be visible from the street or any other public or private property. Exceptions to the legislation are such that a vehicle may be completely enclosed within a building, in a lawful manner. A vehicle may also be stored or parked, in a lawful manner, on private property in connection with the business of a licensed dismantler, licensed vehicle dealer, or a junk yard.

Employee Housing

Employee Housing in California is regulated by the Employee Housing Act.  This act was enacted to ensure that persons living in privately owned and operated employee housing facilities are provided with a living environment that complies with the State of California's health and safety requirements. The Act regulates maintenance, use, and occupancy of employee housing and requires permanent buildings to comply with the State Housing law. In Tulare County, the Employee Housing Act is administered by the Tulare County Resource Management Agency (RMA).