Neighborhood Stabilization Program 3

Neighborhood Stabilization Program 3
Ivanhoe Family Apartments

Funding granted by the Neighborhood Stabilization Program 3 has contributed $ 2.8 million in conjunction with funding received from 2010 HOME project, Neighborhood Stabilization Program 1, California Tax Credit Allocation, Joe Serna Farmworker Housing Funds, and Tulare County Redevelopment Funds are being used to construct a 76-unit Multi-Family rental apartment complex in the unincorporated community of Ivanhoe. The project is currently under construction. The projected move-in date is February 2013.

For further information contact:

Tulare County-RMA
Grants and Development Division
Phone: (559) 624-7000

Corporation for Better Housing
Phone: (818) 905-2430

For Rentals, contact:
Ramona Campos
(559) 348-7557

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