Planning Grants:
•    2011 Caltrans Planting Grant Goshen Transportation Planning Grant
•    2011 PTEC Grant Goshen Community Study
•    Strategic Growth Council AAA/Mathney
•    Strategic Growth Council Highway 99 Corridor Plan

Infrastructure Grants:
•    2009 STBG Ivanhoe Water Well Construction Project
•    2011 PTEC Grant Tract 92 Well Remediation Study

Community Development Grants:
•    CalFire Urban Greening Grant Community Tree Planting
•    2011 PTEC Grant Harmon Field Industrial Development Study
•    2012 Statewide Parks Grant – Earlimart Neighborhood Park Project
•    2011 CDBG General Foodlink Summer Food Program

Low and Moderate Income Housing Grants:
•    2008 CalHome Emergency Owner Occupied Home Repair and First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Assistance    
•    2009 STBG  Vera Cruz Village Multi-family Energy Rehabilitation Project
•    2010 HOME Project  Ivanhoe Family Apartments 76 Units New Construction Project
•    2010 HOME Program Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation and First Home Buyer Mortgage Assistance
•    NSP 3    Ivanhoe Family Apartments 76 Units New Construction Project
•    2011 CDBG General Nueva Sierra Vista Multi-family Energy Rehabilitation Project


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