Dairy Monitoring


Annual Compliance Report:
The Annual Compliance Report is authorized by and implements the 2000 Tulare County Animal Confinement Facility Plan (ACFP) adopted by the Board of Supervisors on April 15, 2003.The ACFP is a component of the Environmental Resources Management Element of the Tulare County General Plan and establishes certain rules and criteria for animal confinement facilities in Tulare County.The ACFP establishes the policy that the owner and/or operator of every confined feeding operation must complete and submit an annual report to the County by November 30th of each year.The report must be accompanied by the fees required ($0.23 per animal unit), which will offset the County’s cost of implementing the monitoring program. A template of the Annual Compliance Report for 2006 can be downloaded on this page.
Program Requirements:
The purpose of the monitoring program is to accumulate data on all confined animal feeding operations in order to measure compliance with the policies of the ACFP regarding on-site animal numbers/density.The reports will also be used to monitor conformance with special use permit requirements (or with standards for grandfathered facilities that pre-date special use permit requirements), and with any applicable mitigation measures of the ACFP and the Program Environmental Impact Report, adopted for the ACFP.Section 3.2 of the ACFP, which provides more information of the elements of the monitoring program, can be downloaded on this page.
As part of the monitoring program, compliance inspections will be scheduled and conducted each year for at least 20 percent of the approximately 318 dairies with a goal to conduct an inspection of each facility at least once every five years.Priority for inspections will be given to dairies that do not submit an Annual Compliance Report, and those dairies that exceed their permitted or grandfathered animal numbers.

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