Public Works Branch


-  The Design Division is responsible for providing technically proficient design engineering, drafting, graphic arts and project management services to the RMA for the citizens of Tulare County.  
Flood Control District, a special district created by an act of the State Legislature.  The District plans, designs and maintains flood control projects throughout the County.  The District also administers the provisions of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program as implemented through the County’s Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance.  
The Surveyor’s Office is responsible for providing quality customer service to the general public, local engineers and land surveyors and other agencies seeking record survey information.
-  The subdivisions and encroachments staff issue transportation permits authorizing over-size and over-weight loads to safely travel on the County’s roadways. Encroachment permits are issued to govern how public utilities and private contractors excavate and otherwise place encroachments in the public right of way.


The Traffic Division is responsible for oversight, protection, and preservation of the traffic control devices and delineation along the County’s 3,000 mile road system;
The Operations Division is responsible for road construction and maintenance, has several sections.
The Sign Maintenance division is responsible for the maintenance and replacement of damaged road signs. Graffiti and vandalism are a continuing problem that causes the destruction of road signage. Emergency call outs are responded to when dangerous road conditions such as flooding may require the posting of warning signs.
-  The Contract Administration consists of contract compliance, contract specifications, force account construction of projects, and the design of repair projects.
-  The Soils Laboratory is responsible for the testing of materials for all county projects as well as for permit projects.
-  The Road Use Investigators enforce State Laws and County Ordinances related to the use of public roads and right-of-ways and also reports and investigates damage to County roads and structures.
The Road Maintenance section includes four Road District yards and sub-yards.


Tulare County Area Transit (TCaT)

-  The Tulare County Area Transit (TCaT) Division is responsible for providing an effective, affordable means of transportation for residents of certain unincorporated areas of the County as well as the safe operation and maintenance of County airport facilities.