Flood Hazard Information

This page is designed to be a user friendly source of Tulare County Flood hazard  information. It includes quick links to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's floodplain map website and the California Department of Water Resources floodplain map website. In addition,  on this site you will find user friendly links to flood information contained in existing, updated or newly adopted Community Plans. There are currently no Hamlet plans adopted. You may access these websites directly by clicking on the links on this webpage.

1. Federal Emergency Management Agency's flood plain website

2. California Department of Water Resources flood plan map website

3. Updated or newly adopted online Community Plans and newly adopted plan (See below)


Community Plans (Flood Control Info)

Cutler-Orosi Community Plan

Cutler-Orosi Community Plan (Adopted 2000)

Cutler-Orosi Flood Chapter

Cutler-Orosi Flood Control Chapter (2000)

Cutler-Orosi Flood Map
Ducor Community Plan

Ducor Community Plan (Adopted 2015)

Ducor Flood Control Chapter

Ducor Flood Control Chapter (2015)

Ducor Flood Map
Earlimart Community Plan

Earlimart Community Plan (Adopted 1987)

Earlimart Flood Chapter

Earlimart Flood Control Chapter (1987)

Earlimart Flood Map (North)
Goshen Community Plan

Goshen Community Plan (Adopted 1978)

Goshen Flood Chapter

Goshen Flood Control Chapter (1978)

Goshen Flood Map
Ivanhoe Community Plan

Ivanhoe Community Plan (Adopted 1990)

Ivanhoe Flood Chapter

Ivanhoe Flood Control Chapter (1990)

Ivanhoe Flood Map
Pixley Community Plan

Pixley Community Plan (Adopted 1997)

Pixley Flood Chapter

Pixely Flood Control Chapter (1997)

Pixley Flood Map
Poplar- Cotton Center Community Plan

Poplar-Cotton Center Community Plan (Adopted 1996)

Poplar- Cotton Center Flood Chapter

Poplar- Cotton Center Flood Control Chapter (1996)

Poplar Flood Map
Richgrove Community Plan

Richgrove Community Plan (Adopted 1987)

Richgrove Flood Map
Springville Community Plan

Springville Community Plan (Adopted 1985)

Springville Flood Chapter

Springville Flood Control Chapter (1985)

Springville Flood Maps
Strathmore Community Plan

Strathmore Community Plan (Adopted 2015)

Strathmore Flood Chapter

Strathmore Flood Control Chapter (2015)

Strathmore West Flood Map
Terra Bella Community Plan

Terra Bella Community Plan (Adopted 2015)

Terra Bella Flood Chapter

Terra Bella Flood Control Chapter (2015)

Terra Bella Flood Map
Three Rivers Community Plan

Three Rivers Community Plan (Adopted 1980)

Three Rivers Flood Chapter

Three Rivers Flood Control Chapter (1980)

Three Rivers Flood Map (East 1)
Tipton Community Plan

Tipton Community Plan (Adopted 2015)

Tipton Flood Chapter

Tipton Flood Control Chapter (2015)

Tipton Flood Map
Traver Community Plan

Traver Community Plan (Adopted 2014)

Traver Flood Control Chapter

Traver Flood Control Chapter (2014)

Traver Flood Map