Ave 364 Cottonwood Creek Bridge

This project consists of the replacement of an existing single lane, 103-ft long, three-span bridge consisting of a reinforced concrete deck on continuous steel girders supported by precast concrete piles at the piers and reinforced concrete seat type abutments.  The existing structure was flagged by Caltrans as structurally deficient due to significant pattern cracking on the concrete deck as well as moderate transverse and longitudinal soffit cracks.  This bridge is also functionally obsolete due a combination of the narrow bridge geometry and moderate average daily traffic.  The replacement structure will consist of a 5-span reinforced concrete post-tensioned flat slab structure founded on cast-in-place or precast concrete driven piles.  A lengthened structure, designed to support all highway legal loads and of sufficient width to carry two lanes of traffic, will span the full width of the channel which will help to improve the hydraulic capacity at the structure.  The new structure will incorporate “open-type” concrete barriers with metal beam guard railing at the bridge approaches.  Avenue 364 will be closed during construction and traffic will be rerouted to Avenue 368 (approx. 0.5 miles upstream) where a temporary creek crossing (railroad flatcar bridge or other temporary structure) will be constructed to reduce the detour distance.

Bridge Flyer