Sequoia Field Airport has hangar space and tie-downs for lease.
For leasing information, call (559) 624-7227

The County currently owns and manages two Airports: Harmon Field Airport, near Pixley; and Sequoia Field Airport, north of Visalia. Of these airports, Sequoia Field is the only one which remains in working condition. Although it has quite a distinguished history, Sequoia Field Airport has been under-utilized for many years, and has thus seen considerable deterioration of its infrastructure. However, the County is committed to making repairs to those portions of the infrastructure that are damaged, and improving all of the fixtures that make it such a unique and valuable airport. The County’s goal in improving these Airports is to improve the economic strength of the County, and to provide more resources to the local aviation community.

The north hangar of Sequoia Field is currently used as storage for fixed aircraft, and its wings, which were historically used for offices, are also being used for storage. The south hangar is occupied by TBM Inc., a long-time tenant of Sequoia Field and a vital part of the present economy on the Airport. There are three portable T-hangars that are occupied by fixed aircraft located near the north end of the apron. The runway, taxiway, and apron are all in various conditions, some of which are in need of repair.

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