Encroachment and Transportation Permits

Types of Permits

Encroachment Permit

Any work to be performed within Tulare County maintained road right-of-way requires the issuance of an encroachment permit.
There are three (3) types:

1. Blue application form - Utility/Public Agency Permit Application
2. Yellow application form - All concrete work including curb and gutter/concrete drives/sidewalk
3. White application form - All other work including sewer, water, electric service, paved driveways, pipeline, TV cable, etc.

Transportation Permit

To move over-size structures or equipment that do not meet legal load requirements on Tulare County maintained roadways.
Requires liability insurance certificate only

For more information, please contact the following staff:

Randy Dysart
Permit Agent
Flood Control/Subdivisions
(559) 624-7000

Carol Javaux
Office Assistant III
Roads/Encroachment Transportation Permits
(559) 624-7000

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