Background Investigation

All qualified applicants who have been invited to the Background Investigation phase will be required to fill out and return a Personal History Statement.

There are four types of Personal History Statements:

In addition to the personal history statement there are a number of other forms and instructions to fill out and return. Please click on each of the additional forms to reveiw, print out or read.

  • Cover Letter Instructions and Required Documents Checklist
  • Data Required for Fingerprint Cards
  • Consumer Request for Copy of Peer Report / Trans Union Corportation
  • Disclosure to Employment Applicant regarding Procurement of an Investigative Consumer Report
  • Tulare County Psychological Testing Procedures
  • Authorization to Release Information

Please read all instructions before filling in ANY of the forms. Do not write on the back of the forms. Make copies if necessary. Please note that your ability to complete these forms in a neat, timely and accurate fashion is a very important part of the background investigation process.

You are responsible for the accuracy of information on these forms. It is your responsibility to make certain the information is complete and correct. Please note that deliberate misstatements or omission on any of these forms will result in your application being rejected regardless of the nature or reason for the misstatements/omissions. If you have questions regarding these forms you may contact our office for clarification. If a question does not apply to you, write "N/A" in the space provided for your response to show you have read and understand the question.

Complete and return the ORIGINAL forms as soon as you can. It should be returned to the Sheriff’s Personnel and Training Center or mailed to the address below. There are several pages of instructions. It is recommended that you keep the instructions and make a copy of all forms after you complete them.

Notarized WAIVERS are required. Do not sign the waivers until the Notary Public tells you to do so. The Department has a Notary Public in the PERSONNEL AND TRAINING CENTER who will notarize your waiver, free of charge.

When your application is assigned to a background investigator, you will be contacted. If you have a change of address, new phone number, new employer or if you accept employment elsewhere, decide to withdraw or waive, notify this office immediately.


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