How It Works

There is a form that must be filled out to register an individual as a participant in Project Lifesaver. That form, which can be found using the links to the left, allows for physical description, habits, places they frequent, as well as other useful information that those outside the immediate group of family or friends might not know and can cut down on places where people may search.

Once enrolled, the individual will receive and wear a small personal transmitter around their ankle or wrist that emits an individualized tracking signal. If the enrolled individual goes missing, the caregiver or family member notifies their local Project Lifesaver agency or representatitve, and a trained team responds to the wandering person's area.

Oftentimes, those who wander are found within a few miles of their residence, and search times are reduced from days to minutes. The average recovery time for PLI clients is is thirty minutes - 95% less time than standard search operations.