Physical Agility Examination

For Sheriff's Deputy and Sheriff's Correctional Deputy Applicants:

15 minutes of warm up and stretching

EVENT # 1: 1.5 MILE RUN - able to run 1.5 miles under 16 minutes
Ability to perform prolonged bouts of aerobic work without experiencing fatigue or exhaustion

5 minute rest

EVENT # 2: SIT UPS - must complete 26 sit ups in 2 minutes
Ability to exert muscular force repeatedly or continuously over time, and is an important area for maintaining a good posture and minimizing lower back problems

5 minute rest

EVENT # 3: PUSH UPS - must complete 20 push ups in 2 minutes
Involve in propelling, supporting or moving the body repeatedly or supporting it for prolonged periods. Performing tasks that may involve the use of upper body

5 minute rest

EVENT # 4: DUMMY DRAG (165 pounds) - able to drag a dummy, 30 feet in 30 seconds
Able to exert maximum muscular force for brief periods of time, includes arms, back, abdominal, shoulder and legs, Ability to drag, pull heavy objects or a disabled or unconscious person from a building to a safe place

5 minute rest

EVENT # 5: 100 YARD DASH - able to sprint 100 yards in 30 seconds
Ability to expand a maximum of energy in one or series of thrusts (anaerobic power),To exert maximum muscular force for brief periods of time

15 minutes of cool down and stretching


Before You Arrive:


You are responsible for assuring that you are free from any health problems which would prevent you from safely undertaking the physical agility exams which are described in the attachment. You are responsible for consulting with your doctor before the test date about any concerns you have about your health status and ability to safely participate in any of the tests. You should provide your doctor with the descriptions of the tests you will be required to complete.

Before any testing you will be required to read and sign a waiver and release which states:

I have reviewed the descriptions of the physical agility exams which I have asked to participate in and I am able to safely undertake these exams. I have been advised that I should consult my doctor if I have any concerns whatsoever regarding my ability to safely participate in these exams and I have either consulted with my doctor who has approved my participation or I have declined to consult my doctor because I am confident my health status permits me to safely participate. There is no health condition or physical limitation which prevents me from safely participating in this process.

In exchange for the opportunity granted to me by the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office to take a physical agility exam as part of an employment application process, I hereby waive any claim for any injury and/or medical emergency which may either directly or indirectly result from my participating in any part of such physical agility exam. I also agree for that same consideration, to hold the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, the County of Tulare, and all employees and deputies free and harmless from all liability and responsibility of any kind whatsoever for any injury, harm or damage which I may directly or indirectly sustain as a result of my participating in any or all of the physical agility exams. This waiver and release is understood to be binding on me and my heirs without reservation.

I understand the effect of signing this waiver and release and ask that I be allowed to participate in the physical agility exams. I agree to immediately cease my participation in the agility exams if at any time I believe I am not able to safely complete the exams.

Unless you sign this waiver you will not be permitted to proceed.


The Day of The Examination:

Be on time. Dress appropriately. (running shoes, t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts of sweats, no bare midriffs, see through clothing, cut offs or other inappropriate clothing).

There will be an initial orientation. You will be able to ask questions about the examination. You will be required to sign the waiver and release described above.

Bring a current photo ID. When you arrive you will be required to check in. You will be issued a number which you will place on the right side of your chest.

Before taking the exams you will be required to warm up. After the exams a cool down period is recommended.

If you have questions regarding these requirements you may call Personnel and Training at (559)735-1825.



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