Written Examination

The information below is in regards to the written examination administered by the Tulare County Sheriff's Office.  This examination is a manditory process required by the California Board of State and Community Corrections, Standards and Training for Corrections Program.  All applicants testing for the position of Correctioanl Deputy must take the Adult Corrections Officer Examination administered during the test cycle regardless of certification or prior testing.

About the Exam: The written examination for the Sheriff's Correctional Deputy positions is based on the California Board of State and Community Corrections, Standards and Training for Corrections Program. The exam test questions are in multiple choice format. It is designed to measure general abilities and work attitudes that are important for performing successfully as an adult corrections officer. While test questions use job related examples, no prior knowledge or training is needed to complete the test.

Exam Time: The examination requires approximately two and a half hours to administer. The actual administration time will depend on the number of candidates and the extent to which other personnel matters are also addressed during the session. The candidates will be given two hours to complete the examination.

Study Guide: A Candidate Orientation Booklet is available for review and may decrease some test anxiety questions candidates may have. This booklet may also help candidates self-assess their interest in the position. This booklet is available on the Corrections Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC), Standards and Training For Corrections (STC) website under thier Programs and Services tab, in their Resources section.  The document is titled "Selection Exam Adult Corrections Officer Candidate Orientation Booklet".

Restrictions: There are a number of items are restricted from the testing room. These include such items as hats, cell phones, pagers, books, backpacks, purses, food and drinks. Candidates must leave these items at home or in their vehicle.

Requirements: Candidates must pass the physical agility exam prior to taking the written exam. Candidates must be on time and have photo identification with them to enter the testing room.

Notifications: Candidates will be informed of the date, time and telephone number to call for pass / fail notification. Test results are not calculated in the Sheriff's Personnel Office and take approximately four working days to obtain. DO NOT CALL PRIOR TO DATE AND TIME PROVIDED.

Failures: Candidates who fail the written examination are invited to reapply. Candidates may not retest for 90 days. Candidates who fail the written exam must submit a new application and are required to complete the entire testing and application process again, regardless if the candidate had passed any part of the process in the past.

Passing: Candidates who pass the written examination will be invited to the oral examination. Oral examinations usually take place within two weeks of the written exam.

Scores / Ranking: The score from the candidate's written exam and the oral exam will be combined to obtain the candidate's final score. This score will be used to rank the candidates. Candidates will be issued a letter advising them of their final score. Candidates will not be advised of their ranking as it fluctuates with disqualifications and additional test groups.

Employment List / Expiration: The employment application is valid for six months. The time begins with the date on the notification letter of the candidate's final score (after written and oral examinations). If the candidate has not been interviewed by a Background Investigator within six months of receiving the notification letter, the application will be voided. The candidate must reapply and complete the entire application process again, regardless if the candidate had passed any part of the process in the past. The candidate will not be notified of the expiration. It is the candidates responsibility to advise the Sheriff's Personnel Office of any changes in contact information during the six month duration of the application.

Retesting: Candidates who have already been advised of their final scores (after written and oral examinations), and are within the six month application period, may retest after waiting 90 days to raise their final score. Candidates must retake the entire battery of tests (physical agility, written and oral) in order to complete the re-test process. Any failure during the re-test will void the prior application and score. Should the candidate obtain a final score lower than the previous score, the candidate's higher score will be retained. The retest will also change the candidate's six month expiration date.



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