Agricultural Crimes Unit

Tulare County leads the nation in dairy production.  Tulare County also ranks  as one of the largest agricultural producing counties in the entire nation.  Agriculture is the largest private employer in the county with farm employment accounting for nearly a quarter of all jobs.  Due to this, Sheriff Boudreaux has made the Agricultural Crimes Unit one of his top priorities.  

The Agricultural Crimes Unit consists of 6 Detectives, one Sergeant, and one Lieutenant.   They are responsible for all crimes agricultural in nature including but not limited to cattle theft, copper wire thefts, tree nut thefts, tractor/trailer thefts, and fuel thefts.  The Agricultural Crimes Unit has specific liaisons for the areas of row crop, citrus, cattle, dairy, and tree nuts.  

We send out a monthly publication to update all farmers, ranchers, and dairymen of current crimes, investigations, arrests, and recoveries.  If you would like to receive this bulletin, please contact Pam Schott at 735-1898.