Competition Events

HOST: Sierra K-9 Association (Canine handlers from the Tulare County Sheriff's Department and Visalia Police Department)


DATE/TIME: May 13, 2016 1200-1700
**Law Enforcement Only**
1200 hours - Narcotic / Evidence Detection handlers meeting
1230 hours - Narcotic / Evidence Detection Dog Competition
1800 hours - Welcome Barbecue& Narcotics Awards

DATE/TIME: May 14, 2016 0800-1700
**Starting pistols may or may not be fired on day of competition**

0600 - 0700 - Open Field/Obstacle Course and Field Orientation
0730 - 0800 - Judge/Handler Meeting
0800 - 1700 - Competition
**Participants Only**
1800 - 2100 - Awards Banquet, Location: Optimal Aviation, 9520 Hangar Drive, Visalia, West of the trial location and south of the fire station 






This will be restricted to one of more of the following narcotic groups:

Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin/Opium, Methamphetiamine/"Ice"

The drugs may be hidden in boxes, briefcases or the outside of vehicles or trailers. You shall advise the judges of the type of alert you expect. The teams will be judged on correct deployment, intensity of search, strong indication and handler recognition. False alert, defecating or urinating will result in loss of points or disqualification.

100 points per judge


Evidence (articles) will be located in an open, secured area. You shall advise the judges of the type of alert you expect. The teams will be judged on the correct deployment, intensity of search, strong indication, and handler recognition. False alert, defecating or urinating will result in loss of points or disqualification.

100 points per judge



This will consist of the following:



This phase will consist of various types of "containers" to be searched. The "containers" to be searched may include such items as search boxes, dumpsters, fruit bins, vehicles, etc. The search may be an indoor building search, an outdoor area search, or both. All dogs will be sent from the same starting point, but you may work your dog in accordance with your department policy or training. Working closely with your dog or sending your dog and watching and directing him from a distance are both acceptable methods. The dog will be judged on drive, interest, control, ability to locate the scent, aggressiveness in the alert, and handler errors. When you feel your dog has located the hiding place you will notify the judges by raising one hand and pointing with the other to the hiding place. False alert, defecating, or urinating will result in loss of points and/or disqualification. Other aspects and details of the Search Phase will be discussed on the date of the Trial during the Handler's Meeting. The time limit will be determined by the Judges and/or the Trial Master.


This phase will consist of an off-lead heeling course that will be called by the steward. It will consist of all types of turns at either a normal, fast, or slow pace; in motion sits and/or downs; and halts, heels, etc. There will also be hand commands/signals where the handler will leave his dog at a designated point and a series of sits, downs, etc. will be demonstrated. There may be a sit and/or down on the recall. The judges must be made aware of the type of finish prior to the recall. The K-9 and handler will be judged on control, correctness of response, and a K-9's willingness to work. Second commands and/or signals will result in the appropriate point reduction.


The agility course may be performed either in a fluid manner or static (with sits before each obstacle). Either way, handler's control of the dog should be demonstrated. Only two attempts of each obstacle may be attempted, with the second attempt counting for half points. Hand signals simultaneously given with verbal commands are allowed. The handler should not be ahead of his dog when approaching any obstacle. The teams will be judged on the K-9's ability to negotiate the obstacles without hesitation. Any additional instructions will be given by the judge(s)/trial master on the date of the trial.

Note: Obedience and agility will be run simultaneously i.e.: While one team is competing in obedience, another will be competing in agility on an adjacent part of the field.


The man work sequences will be announced the day of the trial. We will provide all agitators, back up officers, and protection equipment. You will also be expected to take reasonable measures to protect the agitator(s) in case of lost footing, equipment failure, etc. The events may consist of realistic scenarios that K-9 teams would encounter on the street. Equipment to be used may include muzzles, body suits, and hard or soft sleeves. The teams will be judged on a willing, cooperative, and controlled K-9 that is eager to apprehend and demonstrate a strong engagement with the suspect agitator/s.


All entrants must state OPEN or NOVICE division before the trial. There will be Novice trophies for Novice entrants who have two (2) trials or less.

Entrants can sign-up for a Team Trophy. This Team Trophy is awarded to a team of two K-9/Handler teams, who combine for the highest combined score. All entrants with two (2) or more K-9/Handler teams from the same department are eligible for these trophies. If a K-9/Handler team does not have a second K-9/Handler team from his/her agency participating in the Trial, they are eligible to sign-up with another K-9/Handler team from a different agency under the same circumstance. Your order in the competition will be determined by drawing.

Handler/K-9 teams entered shall be full-time working K-9 teams. During the day, other than while competing, all dogs shall be on-lead, staked securely, kenneled, or secured appropriately in an equipped vehicle. Any dogs getting loose for reasons other than an equipment failure, such as a broken chain, window, etc., will be disqualified. SAFETY IS TOP PRIORITY.

During the competition, no shake chains, keys, balls, food, etc. will be carried for control of your dog. E-Collars will be allowed, with the hand held controler turned off. You will carry your lead at the direction of the steward during the Obedience Phase of the Trial. Variations in departmental training will be considered and should be brought up during the judge/handler meeting.

The judges will have the option of repeating any phase of the competition and may stop and/or disallow any phase of competion to any team deemed to be unfit or unsafe to compete or continue with the competition.

Because we encourage members of the public to attend and enjoy the competition of our trial, it is important that all competitors and associates act accordingly and in a way that demonstrates an atmosphere of professionalism. Should any handler, trainer, or team associate become disruptive, he/she amy be asked to leave. If a problematic situation should continue, the disruptive party may be disqualified, and/or cause the disqualification of their respective K-9 team(s).

Note: Wear department authorized duty uniforms during the competition. No T-Shirts, shorts or jean type pants allowed.

A concession stand will be in operation throughout the day. Although there is shaded parking nearby, there is limited shaded parking in the immediate area around the trial field(s). There will be a designated exercise area for "breaking" your dogs. Please make every effort to utilize this area for purposes of "breaking" your K-9 partner. You are also required to clean up after your partner. There will be a veterinarian available at the trial site.