Mission Statement, Compliance Units

The continuing advancement of law enforcement and corrections in the new millennium requires both rigid & fluid departmental strategies designed to address the evolutionary changes and challenges confronting all agencies.  Investments in effective and efficient human capital development, tactical strategies, technology and legislative changes, require a contemporary, forward-thinking agency to continue to develop/implement innovative approaches to dealing with an age-old problem: crime.  Tulare County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) is committed to being at the forefront of these advancements:   

It is the vision of the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office to provide quality service to the community and be recognized as the regional leader among law enforcement agencies by utilizing the latest in policing technologies, maintaining professional employees, and demonstrating innovation and operational flexibility.

Through its continuous improvement process TCSO has created a Professional/Performance Standards unit designed to ensure Tulare County embodies its vision by remaining a progressively dynamic organization.