The Memorial

The Tulare County Peace Officer's Memorial began in earnest in 2000, when Sheriff Bill Wittman made a commitment to build a permeant memorial monument. The park where the monument sits today was dedicated a year later in 2001, and the memorial itself was unveiled in 2002. 

The memorial is made of two types of granite, and etched upon its surface are two badges with mourning bands - the Sheriff's star and the shield used by all other departments.

Today the memorial is continually improved through regular maintenance, as well as beautification projects. Currently, there is a project in the works to include a water feature, as well as memorial bricks that can be bought and customized, which will line the walkways. For more information on how you can donate to the foundation through brick purchase or other means, please contact the foundation through its email, 

We are eternally grateful for the efforts of the original committees and benefactors. 

The original Memorial Committee was comprised of Lt. Donna Perry, the Chair, Emmett Adams, Joann Egan, Tom Egan, Det. Jim Franks, Craig Mangano, Lt. Bob Masterson, Lt. Kevin Mizner, Lynn Movium, Chris Reed, and Supervisor Bill Sanders.

The original Ceremony Committee was comprised of Lt. Donna Perry, the Chair, Capt. Mike Gutsch, Melanie Raney, Lt. Greg Wright, Lt. Ken Vest, Darrel Yandell, and Eric Coyne.