Past Handlers

Butch Barker-Shadow, Rocky, and Zoan
Greg Batchler-Rocky
Jeff Blagg- Rookie
Bret Bibb- Clancy
Karl Bostai- Ricco
Jay Brock- Lee, Jacko, Nikko
Berry Brown- Salem
Mike Boudreaux Sr.- Corky and Babe
Doug Burch- Kayo and Daisy
Ruben Cabatic- Rex
Luis Carrillo-D'uk, Beau and Isaac
Jake Castello-Emor
Terry Castelow-Wolf
Darrel Chapman-George
Allan Chase- Racky
Gary Clark- Keno
Jerry Clayborn-Wolf
Dahl Cleek- Macho
Brian Clower-Zeus
Ernie Cowan- Jody
Stanley Curtis-Sutan
Cody Dean- Jody, Sonja, and Victor
Wayne Davis- Brutis and May
Keith Douglass- Illo and Kazon
Lloyd Florez- Dak
Tim Fosnaugh- Fire
Dave Fuller- Damon
Michael Giefer- Nikko
James Gong- Isaac
Jeff Gordon- Shotgun and Red
Earl Grimes- Tuffy
Mike Hallum- Rolo
Jim Haney- Racky
Dale Harddin- Blackjack
Gerry Hatch- Ronnie, Carlo, Bruce, and Mali
T. C. Hennemann- Brutus and Jingo
Shawn Hermosillo- Astro, Emmy and Isaac
Jack Hicks- Digger
Jim Hinsley- Achat
Hal Hoffman- Mannix
Jerry Hunziger- Renz and Harley
Jim Jones- Max
Tony Jones- Duro and Bosf
Steve Kennedy- Rambo
William King- King
Keith Kleiwer- Nemo
Greg Langford- Casar
Jeff Lewis- Malaeh
Rick Logan- Bo
Darrel Mackey- Sarge
Scott Mackey- Rocket
Leonard Maese- Billy
Lowell Mawhiney- Da'Vid and DJ
Jack Mayberry- Smokey
Randy Meek- Rolf, Rommel, and Eric Von Wright IV
Larry Micari- Bear
Richard Miller- Keno
Curt Mitchell- Micke
Randy Mosley- Tiger
Brian Nix- Laser, Max, Rolo
Gary Palmer- Duke
Chuck Patterson- King
Michele Price- Anja and Isaac
Allan Pundt- Tuffy
Joel Robertson- Isaac and Johnny
Brandee Robinson- Rocket
Anthony Rodriguez- Rexx, Blade and Jack
Dustin Skiles- Faith
Carl Smith- Alegro
Jim Sweet- Shotgun and Red
Jimmy Stoval- Duke
Renae Swartzlander- Faulk
JC Turner- Slade
Ralph Tucker- Seat
Jack Tyler- Debra Beau's Jack (Pal)
Dave Verissimo- Sam
Jake Wammack- Slade
Stan Watkins- Baron, Czar
David Welton- Penny
Wayne White- Valdo and Laser
Larry Wimp- Daug
Frank Wittich- Mace



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