Contact Us

Primary contact: Sergeant Ed Villalobos

Secondary contact: Sergeant Joe Landin

For general information on Color Guard services such as Flag Presentations, please contact either Sgt. Villalobos or Sgt. Landin at their office numbers between the hours of 8:00AM - 5:00PM Monday through Friday. For Honor Guard needs and services such as Line of Duty deaths, non-work related office deaths, retirements, funerals, "Rendering Honors", memorials, family escorts, or "Standing Watch", you may contact them at any time.


Ed Villalobos
Sergeant/Honor Guard
Cell (559) 805-8151
Office (559) 636-5098


Joe Landin
Sergeant/Honor Guard
Cell (559) 786-2525
24 Hour Dispatch (559) 733-6218