Request Honor Guard Services

To request Color & Honor Guard Services, please email either Sgt. Villalobos or Sgt. Landin using the information on the Contact Us page, and include the following in your email.

  • Who is requesting services
  • What type of services - i.e. Presentation of Colors at an event
  • If it is for an event, what the event is for.
  • Where will the services be needed (please include the time colors will be presented and the hours of the event)
  • If you are requesting services for a funeral or memorial please include who it is for, what agency, what type of services or honors you are requesting, if the deceased was active/reserve/retired law enforcement, if they were previously in the military, if the military will be participating, and if their agency was notified of their death.

Please be as specific and detailed in your request as possible, and please also include the best ways and times to contact you regarding your request.