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County of Tulare

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Public Auction of Tax-Defaulted Property




Updated September 23, 2014

The next Tax Collector’s Internet Auction of Tax-Defaulted Property (Re-offer sale) is scheduled for November 6-10, 2014.  A list of parcels will be available online beginning September 2014.  Please check our online Frequently Asked Questions and Terms and Conditions of Sale for common answers to your questions or call our office at (559) 636-5250.


List of Parcels for Re-Offer



Updated:  August 22, 2014


On August 7-11, 2014, Rita A. Woodard, Tulare County Auditor-Controller/Treasurer-Tax Collector, conducted an internet public auction for the sale of tax-defaulted property located online at


Thank you for participating in our online public auction of tax-defaulted property.  Please refer to the Tax-Default Property List link below for results from the sale.


2014 Tax Auction Results


Your questions or concerns may be addressed to the following:



                 Tulare County Tax Collector                     Telephone: (559) 636-5250

                 221 S. Mooney Blvd. Room 104-E            Fax:           (559) 733-6988

                 Visalia, CA. 93291-4593                           Email:


                 Stacy Mawhiney                                    Collector Tax Program

                 Marti Ceballos                                       Collector Tax Program

                 Ray Rodriguez                                      Tax Collector Division Manager

                 Carla Seitz                                            Tax Collections Supervisor

                 Hiley R. Wallis                                       Chief Deputy Treasurer-Tax Collector

                 Rita A. Woodard                                   Auditor-Controller/Treasurer-Tax Collector



Pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code, Part 6, Division 1, Chapter 7, §3691

Board of Supervisor Resolution No. 2014-0303 dated May 13, 2014