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1. Certificate of Disability (BOE-62-A)

In order to qualify for this one-time tax benefit, a licensed physician must certify the disability of the claimant is both severe and permanent.

Tags: forms, disability, base-year value transfer, exemption
2. Disabled Persons Exclusion from Property Taxes on New Construction (BOE-63)

This claim is for the exclusion from reassessment of any construction to make an existing dwelling more accessible to a severely and permanently disabled person who is a permanent resident of the dwelling

Tags: forms, disability, construction, exemption
3. Disabled Veteran's Household Income Worksheet

Attachment only (for BOE-261-G)

Annual Filing is required for any year in which a low-income exemption is claimed. Please refer to the instructions on Form BOE-261-G (claim for disabled veterans), as well as the Schedule for Disabled Veteran's Exemption  as shown on form BOE-261-G

Tags: veteran, exemption, low-income, worksheet, disability, disabled, income, household income
4. Organizations and Persons using a Claimant's Real Property (BOE-267-O)

Supplemental Affidavit

Must be filed when Organizations and Persons are using a Claimant's Real Property when seeking an exemption

Tags: forms, welfare, rehabilitation, living quarters, exemption, disability
5. Disabled Veteran's Exemption Change of Eligibility Report (BOE-261-GNT)

Use this form to notify the Assessor if you are no longer eligible for the disabled veteran's property tax exemption

Tags: forms, disability, veteran

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