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1. Disabled Veteran's Household Income Worksheet

Attachment only (for BOE-261-G)

Annual Filing is required for any year in which a low-income exemption is claimed. Please refer to the instructions on Form BOE-261-G (claim for disabled veterans), as well as the Schedule for Disabled Veteran's Exemption  as shown on form BOE-261-G

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2. Low-Income Tribal Housing (BOE-237)

Claim for Exemption when at least 30% of the property for rental housing, and the tenants are persons of low income as defined in section 50079.5 of the health and safety code.

The rents charged must not exceed the limits provided in section 50033 of health and safety code. An affidavit affirming that the tenant's incomes and rents do not exceed those limits must be attached.

The exemption will not be allowed without the income affidavit 

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