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1. Lower Income Household: Family Household Income Reporting Worksheet (BOE-267-L-A)

Supplemental Worksheet

Property owned by non-profit organizations or eligible limited liability companies providing housing for lower income households can qualify for the Welfare Exemption from property taxes for those units whose family household income does not exceed the limits stated on the form.

Tags: forms, welfare, lower income, housing, exemption, supplemental
2. Low Income Housing Property of Limited Partnership (BOE-267-L1)

Supplemental Affidavit

Must be filed when seeking exemption on low income housing property owned and operated by a limited partnership.

Tags: forms, welfare, limited partnership, exemption, supplemental, affidavit, low income, lower income, housing
3. Leased Property Supplemental- Property Leased for Lower Income Housing (BOE-236-A)

Supplemental Affidavit

Exemption of leased property used exclusively for low income housing

Tags: low income housing, lower income, supplemental, Lease
4. Lower Income Housing Exemption (BOE-267-L)

Supplemental Affidavit

Must be filed when seeking exemption on housing  for elderly or handicapped families that is owned and operated by a non profit organization or eligible limited liability company.

Tags: forms, welfare, lower income, housing, exemption, low income, supplemental
5. Reassessment of Property Damaged or Destroyed by Misfortune or Calamity

Applications must be filed with the County Assessor within twelve months of the date the damage was sustained.

Section 170 of the revenue and taxation code provides for the reassessment of real and/or personal property which has been damaged or destroyed by a misfortune or by a calamity through no fault of the assessee.

Tags: forms, miscellaneous, reassessment, calamity, misfortune, damage, real property, property, supplemental, disaster
6. Builder's Claim for New Construction Exclusion from Supplemental Assessment

formerly known as "Claim for exclusion from supplemental assessment of new construction"

Tags: builder, claim, forms, new construction, exclusion, supplemental, assessment

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